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decluttering the brain

Diary entry: Day 1. of my journey

The snow is falling, our house water is frozen, but my brain is getting a spring clean.

Today I have written out on scraps of paper all the project ideas swimming around in my head. For me too many ideas = stuck,


Here is a photograph of  a piece that I eventually completed as a wall hanging 5 years in the making or should I say gathering.




After writing out all my ideas, I then decided to put +’s  and -‘s beside each idea. Did I have the skills, materials, inspiration and motivation? Then on the back of each I wrote out how I could make it happen. My ideas included art journal making, wall quilting, jewellery, bags, paper making (as in the piece above), cushions (don’t you just love beautiful cushions), and learning more skills for my embroidery sewing machine.

These projects are purely for my own interest. I can’t make to order, I can only make unique individual pieces of work. I have wondered if an Etsy store would enable me to showcase and maybe even sell some of my pieces – see here I go again, rushing ahead of myself and further cluttering up my brain.

That led me to make a mind map. Have you ever tried one of these, as they are great fun? Tony Buzzan has written a few books on how to mind map. Basically it’s a creative way of getting your thoughts out on paper using lots of colour, images and one word links. Now armed with my mind map I can see the contents of my creative mind – it’s a little overwhelming still, but it has taken me to the planning stage.

Today I will plan out some of the projects. I can’t limit myself to one project as I get bored, so I will limit myself to 2 or 3 projects and mind map for each project with some weekly goals -not too big, easy to attain goals. My aim is to focus and maybe even achieve a complete piece of work.



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  2. Gosh I admire your ordered brain, wish I had one similar!!

  3. Excellent, think I ought to follow you lead and create an intelligent mind map of my own again…….long time since I created the last one……when I was still at work, but one tends to forget these helpful things.


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