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The fabric bead walling hanging

Thank you for all the inspiration and ideas I received through various sites. the fabric beads have arranged themselves into a wall hanging.

Spring is here, and the delicate colours of snowdrops inspired some of the beads, early morning sunrise inspired others so the piece is called sunrise over snowdrops, or something only a mother could love.

The end piece ended up quite large, about 3′ long by 1.5′ wide.

The beads are on fishing line so that they look like they are hanging in the air.

A joy to make, and the process of making the beads is completely addictive, so I’m off to make more.

The beads are made of fabric, covered with felting wool, silk, metallic thread, bits of soft metal and angelina fibres, each bead is like a small landscape. I held them in place with a clay bead also handmade and a crimp bead.




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  1. The wall hanging is really lovely. Always fascinating to see what you do from raw materials – and the loose, individual beads you started off with.


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