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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Winter Thaw

winter thaw

Spring is trying hard to arrive, my neighbour presented me with a little bunch of snowdrops, the first in his garden, what a lovely gesture, he does this every year, I feel honoured.

A month or so ago I photographed frozen ice on the river, the thaw was trying to battle the ice and slices of water were showing them selves.

This inspired me to create a felted image of the photograph. I  felted in two colours, and embellished with beads and stitch.

Wet and needle felting

The sun is shining today and spring is trying hard to push away the winter cold.

During the winter I have been working on some felting projects, I was involved in a monthly artists challenge and February had the theme of Africa.

My challenge was to find my felting wool, and then to draw a picture of a charging elephant, I wanted an African elephant with ears flapping.

So I wet felted a background using merino rovings, and added some silk tops for interest, than sitting by the fire I translated my drawn elephant onto the background using a felting needle.

ImageI had so much fun making the elephant that I decided to work on a giraffe, and to put more 3D into his face.


The giraffe needed acacia leaves to feed on, so I used free hand machine stitch to create some leaves for him to feast onImage

My next project is going to be a zebra, but this time I will photograph each part of the process and if you feel inspired you may want to make one too.