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Wet and needle felting

The sun is shining today and spring is trying hard to push away the winter cold.

During the winter I have been working on some felting projects, I was involved in a monthly artists challenge and February had the theme of Africa.

My challenge was to find my felting wool, and then to draw a picture of a charging elephant, I wanted an African elephant with ears flapping.

So I wet felted a background using merino rovings, and added some silk tops for interest, than sitting by the fire I translated my drawn elephant onto the background using a felting needle.

ImageI had so much fun making the elephant that I decided to work on a giraffe, and to put more 3D into his face.


The giraffe needed acacia leaves to feed on, so I used free hand machine stitch to create some leaves for him to feast onImage

My next project is going to be a zebra, but this time I will photograph each part of the process and if you feel inspired you may want to make one too.



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  1. These are wonderful. You have created such expressions of life!

  2. I just love your work and these are so dimensional, I want them all xx

  3. Happily Heather

    This is really awesome! It has such a great texture and I love the expression of the animal! Thanks for sharing! I am curious about what method you use to give it more of that 3D appearance. So far my needle felting has all been either very flat or completely a 3D figures. I like the way you have a bit of both here!


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