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What a wonderful word it means to engage in idle fancies and daydreaming and to gather tufts of wool, shed by sheep on fences.

Both of these describe me lost in my creative thoughts and the delight when I come across bits of fleece trapped in fences or on the side of the road. Having learned how to make a spinning stick for use when you wander along lanes, gathering bits of fleece lend themselves beautifully to on the hoof spinning.

My spinning has taken me through Shetland fleeces, alpaca fleeces and into the world of natural dyeing. Then this week although not a trapped piece of wool but rather a large and colourful Jacobs fleece arrived and as I unwrapped it the colours of white, tan, browns and black emerged from the packaging. A deep soft fleece that promises to spin up into a colourful yarn. It has been washed and is now drying in my herb dryer in the greenhouse.

This fleece will accompany me on my travels, in my old VW campervan, as I take time out this summer to travel across Europe and my hope is that I return home with yards of yarn for weaving or knitting.

Pictures will follow.





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  1. Marilyn aka Pandagirl

    What beautiful imagery, you walking along gathering tufts of wool! Enjoy your travels and spinning that wonderful fleece. I look forward to seeing your pics and hearing about your journeys.


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