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Please join me, Carole, for a journey through the creative process.

I hope you feel you can open your own windows to see a new landscape of inspiration, as we explore creativity and feel our way through the abundance of colour, texture and layers available to us.

In my blogs I will be flitting from beading to fabric art, embellishing and felting, to paper making. Then pulling these skills together to  produce bags, jewellery, wall art, quilts, art journals and many other beautiful forms of self expression.

The journey will start at the beginning, which for me is sorting out all the ideas I have cluttering up my mind and stopping me from moving forward.

I hope you can join me on this journey, and make comment, even offer to share your own experiences to enhance everyone’s joy of art and craft.

To find out more about me and my interests please check out my other blog Hedgerow Healing


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  1. Hi Carole,

    Never stop creating. Never. You are not the kind of lady to ever sit in a rocking chair. Please tell us about your light snowfall this winter and how warm and balmy things really are in Enchovtsi.

    Tom J.

  2. Looking forward to sharing your journey! Best of luck 🙂

  3. Pauline Gascoigne

    Trying to get an old sewing machine to work.Any help Carole would be great.Making a hanging fabric organizer.Any ideas welcomed

  4. looking forward to more of your blogs xx


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