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Felted Pods Inspired by Underwater Themes

I have just made a group of felted pods or vessels, this is my first exploration into the world of making vessels and I am really happy with them, it’s becoming quite addictive. I started off with a plastic template, I felted around it, then cut a small opening and whilst it was still wet I shaped it into a pod.



Needless to say as I am also a lover of embellishments and bling I wasn’t happy with the basic shape and went on to add embroidery, bead work and even dabbled with pre digitised embroidery, as the pods developed I could see how they all linked to my love of under water themes



The first two pods are on white merino felt with merino and silk details, and some beading


Then I went for stronger colours to make this little coral pod


For my next pod I wanted to play with the idea of handles and a hand embroidered tree


After making these pods I started to get brave and decided to try a larger size, I added a loop at the top for hanging itImage


And of course then I wanted to pull in some other skills I’ve acquired over time, namely machine embroidery, so after one restless night I woke up with a plan to make this little pod to celebrate spring


My next challenge will be to make a large pod, egg shaped with more decoration, I want to celebrate the Spring Equinox, I have dyed silks and wool fibres – I’ll show you those on my next blog and by then I will have formulated my thoughts for a larger pod project


Moon Woman Completed

Initially I wasn’t sure if I should add stitch and beading to this piece, then I went for it, I’m so glad, now she just pops. This piece has been made from wet felted merino on sheep wool, with silk, and fabric needle felted into the background felting, machine stitched and added bead work. I’ve added a close up too.ImageImage