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Art Dolls an Italian experience

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Travelling to Italy with doll making on my mind,

I stayed in a Magical Art House, my doll to find.

Butterfly exhibits, markets full of scarves,

Italian wine and cheese, Italians do nothing by halves.

Trip to Niki De Saint Phalle sculptures all around,

creativity, inspiration and the Empress crowned.

Now back in Scotland with an alchemists  haunt,

I place fabric and colour from my Italian jaunt.

Empress here she is

The Empress of the park

Fountainlady on the mountainPENTAX ImageIMG_20150403_145439591_HDRIMG_20150404_104006754_HDRIMG_20150404_102726284IMG_20150404_102850106


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  1. Marilyn aka Pandagirl

    Lovely doll and a great art experience in Italy no less!

  2. She’s adorable, I confess I have never understood the craze for art dolls but she has so much sassy personality I could eat her up!

  3. Reblogged this on CLARE GALLOWAY and commented:
    The glorious doll of Carole Gascoigne, a lovely guest of the arthouse earlier this year, inspired by her visit to Italy!


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